We all know that there are some times when you are more able to manage than others. Something can happen to knock you back and reduce your physical abilities or confidence. It may be that this knockback has a permanent effect on your independence but how severe that effect will be can be changed by how much support you get in the first weeks after the issue.

We know that everybody needs time to recover when returning home from hospital. We can help with everything that’s needed after surgery or treatment for an illness. Our experienced care workers will assist with rehabilitation and offer expert care during the recovery period.

We can help by working with you to develop a tailored support programme designed to identify what the problems are, what you want to achieve and how we can improve your confidence and independence to get there or as close to as possible.

This could include support with daily activities, introduction of mobility equipment, assistance with managing your household or medication and giving you advice on where to go for specialist organisation support.

Our re-enablement package is usually quite intensive and last about 6 weeks, at the end of this period we will meet with you to look at what improvements have been achieved and identify what your long term requirements are and put a plan into place to reflect this.